In some form or another, Collage has been around for decades. In fact, founding members, Bobbie and Tony, met when Bobbie auditioned for Tony’s band back in 1983.....and the rest is history. The only thing left for Tony to do was to make an honest woman of Bobbie. The two were married, and Collage was born. Collage continued to evolve with the addition of Adam and Jack in 2006, and even more so in 2010 with latest additions Danny and Ken.

Many others claim it, but Collage really is the ultimate entertainment package.


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Song List:


RadioActive | Rock Capitol Live Band Karaoke | Rocket Men Dueling Pianos
RadioNow | Wedding Crashers | Collage | The Jon Blair Quartet
Captain Fantastic | 52nd ST. | BIG 80's | Boogie Fever | Broken Road
Walt Wise One Man Band | George H. Solo

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